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Cotton is the king of casual warm-weather dressing. It is highly breathable, absorbing body moisture vapor and light sweat from our bodies so we feel less sticky, cooler, and comfortable in the heat. Under heavy exertion though, cotton will wet-out. Excess moisture (sweat) makes the fibers swell, creating a barrier to breathability. Your feel-good Tshirt turns into a soggy mess.
That’s why 100% polyester and other synthetic garments became so popular; they are quick drying. However, that fast drying speed can often be too cool for comfort. Distance athletes often complain about the discomfort of flash cooling of sweat-soaked synthetic garments, especially when the temperature drops or the wind picks up. Then there’s the problem that when it’s dry, a polyester shirt feels relatively warm. Who wants to wear a warm shirt on a hot day or inside the gym? Yet, many of us put up with the temperature swings to get the quick-drying benefit.

A radiator is a structure that facilitates the transfer of heat from one thing to somewhere else. Sweating is the primary way our bodies dump excess heat when it’s hot. the fabric radiator carries your sweat and holds it right next to your skin where it does the most good. You benefit from evaporative cooling, the removal of excess body heat, as the fabric dries.
It works kind of like the coolant in a car’s radiator. It carries the sweat around so your skin can benefit from evaporative cooling. Hydrophobic zones (shown orange in the picture) created by synthetic yarn and a special knit construction promote maximum breathability and quick dry time.
The special knit structure reduces wet skin cling. And the yarns chosen have a naturally cool touch so you will want to put it on when it’s hot. it added in odor control to perfect the experience